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Dr. Timothy A. Freeman

I have referred patients to Dr. Forche's office for 25 years, and he has treated all of my children. I am confident that my patients receive excellent care with a personal touch, and I am pleased with each finished case and the great communication from him and his staff. - Timothy A. Freeman, Jr., DDS

Dr. David Grammel

"In making a treatment referral to my patients, I always recommend the dental specialist I would trust to care for my own family. I chose Dr. Forche as the orthodontist to treat both me and my children. I have had the pleasure of working with him for over 20 years and consistently find his care to be both compassionate and of the highest quality." - David Grammel, DDS canalfamilydentistry.com

Dr. D

Our office has worked with Dr. Forche for over twenty years. Rob's treatment philosophy & commitment to patient care has been top notch.

Kevin J.

We have just worked with the financial part and x-rays so far. but both employees are the best. In the case of the X-rays, we worked with Kristen and if she's any indication of how the other nurses are we are going to be thrilled with Kristal & Forche.


Everything about this practice is excellent! The outcome of my child's smile, of course. It is beautiful. But here are the standout items regarding experience: very clear explanation of charges, payment plan (worked perfectly); FANTASTIC on-time appointment schedule. Extremely efficient, organized office. Child checks in with a lanyard and badge I kept in the glove box so we always had it for the appointments. No waiting and appointments starting late ever. Very pleasant staff & Doctor.


Our family has gone to Kristal & Forche since 2000 and each one of us has had braces, my husband being the last. I recommend them to everyone, they are simply the best!!

Staci M.

My daughters, ages 8 and 10, have such wonderful experiences every time they see Dr. Kristal and Dr. Forche. As soon as we walk in the door we feel at home. The front staff is always on top of everything. On several occasions, we have arrived almost an hour early by mistake and still have never waited more than 2 minutes.There have been a few times when we have been on our way to school at 7 am and I stopped in to make an appointment for one of the girls because something was pinching their gum and they saw them right then and there, and we still made it to school on time. The techs are so gentle and explain everything to the girls before doing anything. My girls are always excited to go and have their bands changed and see what Dr. Kristal has up his sleeve. He makes the girls laugh and feel very relaxed. I could go on and on about this wonderful practice. Schedule your appointment and you will be writing your own review about what an awesome experience you had, I feel very fortunate to have found them. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Janetta D.

I can only rave about the patient care at Kristal and Forche. They made me feel in control of my treatment and were encouraging at every step of the way. The Dr.s are top notch, caring, informed, up to date, and eager to see their patients succeed. Dr. Forche made sure I understood every step and procedure and that my choices were informed.The atmosphere is pleasant, light, and upbeat and the super positive attitudes of the ortho assistants really made the appointments actually a pleasant experience. They are an extremely friendly group of people starting at the front desk. I highly recommend this practice to anyone - especially an adult - who is considering orthodontic care. My dentist was thrilled with the results of my treatment - it exceeded both of our expectations. I am now confident with a beautiful smile and a super bite. Thank you!!!!

Shelley S.

Kristal & Forche made us feel a part of their family from the moment we walked in their doors! Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and so organized!!! I couldn't be happier with the service and dedication everyone has shown to my son during the process of him having braces put on to the time that they come off!

Jill A.

Second kiddo in braces....oh my! Love Dr. Forche and his staff! People really does make all the difference. They care about the kiddos, talk to them, and show them respect. After all, it is their mouths we are messing with!

Stacey H.

My daughter lost a permanent tooth and was very upset about it. We visited several orthodontists in the area prior to choosing Dr. Forche and we are glad we did. Dr. Forche was very attentive to her concerns and did a great job on her smile! We are very happy with the results. Thanks!

Janel N.

Our first experience with this practice was truly top notch. They gave us the care and attention that we expected. The scheduling process for the office visit was easy. They sent two emails with videos to describe the practice. They sent reminder emails and phone calls for the appointment. They gave us a comprehensive, unbiased evaluation of my son’s condition. They were honest and friendly. We are very satisfied.

Brenda H.

We have always had a great experience at Kristal & Forche. We have used them for braces for 3 of my children so far. I would highly recommend them. The office is very welcoming and the doctor's very attentive. They even called my daughter after having her braces put on to see how she was doing and offer suggestions to help with her discomfort.

Grace F.

Kristal and Forche orthodontics is so awesome and very helpful! I had terrible teeth before I got braces, but now, they are so pretty and I love to smile. My mom started to take me to the same place my brother went before, and they said I needed 3 teeth pulled for me to get braces. My mom didn't want that, so we went searching for an orthodontist.My mom suggested Kristal and Forche to me since we lived very close. So we went, and they said I didn't need any teeth pulled at all. When I got my braces on, I knew what not to eat, how to floss, how to take care of them, etc. They explained everything to me so easily. I could understand them perfectly. Now I have my braces off, and it's been a couple months and I couldn't be happier with my smile. They are so friendly and love to make conversation. I highly recommend them.

Tiffany M.

My daughter was very anxious going to this appointment as she is only 5 years old. Once greeted by Kristin I could see my daughter relax. She was excited and trusted Kristin right away, after X-ray and exam and meeting Traci and Dr. Kristal my daughter was still relaxed and comfortable. They answered our questions, were very knowledgeable and friendly. There was no pressure to "act now" and Dr. Kristal was very open and honest about how this service would not eliminate the need for braces.I appreciated the honest information and his kindness. He spoke to me but also spoke to my daughter so that she felt she was actively involved in her own care. I am very happy we found a doctor that cares, with a staff that is friendly and warm, and just minutes from our home.

Meghan M.

We are starting Phase 2 of my daughter's journey with braces, and couldn't think of a better place to be!! Dr. Kristal and his amazing team are so good to my daughter, and always make us feel so special!

Aimee P.

This was our second time at the office, this time for the other kid. They took Sophie and updated her records even though we were scheduled for Max! We have been happy with each visit and I am extremely happy with the customer service whenever I call.

Tina C.

I first went to Dr Kristal 18 years ago, when my daughter was 11. Even back then, the office staff was extremely good. The doctors are always there when you need them. Here I was 30 years later getting braces on my own teeth. It was better than I thought. No pain what so ever. Even as I speak now, I still see Doctor Kristal every now and then. I would recommend them highly. I'm sure my grandchildren will go there, too.

Janelys G.

I transferred from an out of state practice and was worried my treatment would be delayed. Dr. Forche and his team did an excellent job in keeping my treatment on track. The staff is friendly and all strive to provide the best care. Dr. Forche and his staff genuinely care about their patients and providing the best care. I love my new smile and have referred two family members!

April B.

We felt genuinely welcomed the moment we walked into the office. As it was my son's first consultation, Dr. Kristal made him feel confident and at ease about his upcoming procedure. It's evident that Dr. Kristal is passionate about making less confident smiles into very happy smiles! As a parent, I am so very excited to see the progression of my son's smile transform from self-conscious to confident!

Konner F.

We had a fabulous experience with Kristal & Forche's Orthodontics. Everyone there is very nice and friendly! I had car issues and the Tech was so sweet to give us a ride home. We were so grateful cause it was during one of our snow days. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Kara A.

Kristal & Forche Orthodontics has restored my faith in customer service and health care. The staff is so kind and helpful. We even received a phone call at 7 PM from the doctor himself the day my son's braces were put on to check on him. That really meant a lot to me and to my family. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Chris D.

The service by Dr. Rob and the team has been excellent. My dental situation is the exception, not the rule, and they have gone above and beyond to make the process palatable. If you're on the fence about making the call, don't be.

Kelly F.

Love this practice!! We moved 45 minutes away but, wouldn't consider finding another orthodontist. Love Dr. Fosche and all of his assistants!! And Dee too!!

Misty C.

Had an excellent experience with my daughter getting her braces. The checking in process was made fun for kids, there was no wait time, and there was plenty of going home education that made my daughter feel confident moving forward. Thanks so much.

Rebekah R.

Thank you, Dr. Kristal and staff!! My daughter's teeth look amazing! She had crooked teeth and a huge overbite. Both her teeth and bite are perfect now, thanks to Dr. Kristal and his great team! Everyone is so nice, informative and easy to work with at the office....I also enjoy the free cup of coffee while I wait. They are very helpful in trying to make the processes enjoyable for both myself and my daughter. I also like that Dr.Kristal is always trying to give back to the community through fund -raising and other efforts. Keep up the great work!!!!

Debra C.

I have been to many orthodontists having moved throughout my treatment, and with each move having to "shop" for a new one. It's difficult to pick an orthodontist as a patient doesn't have a clue as to what they actually do. But, I think there is a wide spectrum in orthodontist's clinical skill levels--and also sometimes in their integrity. Although I haven't been Dr. Kristal's patient for very long, I think his skill level is far better than most orthodontists in Columbus, and I feel comfortable for the first time in a long time.

April R.

The staff here is so nice and welcoming. Dr. Kristal was extremely kind and patient, even with my 3-year-old tagging along. He definitely puts patients' needs first, seeing as he decided braces are just not needed at this time for my 2 oldest daughters. Will definitely go back yearly for a check up.

Alison D.

I love the office set up...All of the patients together in a large open room. I love the service...The wait is not long but where there is waiting it is comfortable and entertaining. The doctors are awesome!!!! I hope someday to have a chance to get my own teeth done. I have had 3 of my own children in braces and several nieces and nephews as well as my sister and we all highly recommend this office to anyone looking for an orthodontist.

Sonja J.

We love going to this orthodontist. All the staff members are friendly, helpful, and informative. My son was 8 when he had braces put on due to his stubbornness of refusing to quit sucking his thumb. Dr. Kristal talked with him only once and within a week, he quit sucking his thumb! His teeth are beautiful and he will be done with his first phase in only 9 months!!!! I have already had a consult for my second son who will be getting braces in January due to our positive experience. We are very thankful for this experience with Kristal and Forche!

Richard I.

Great job with all three of our girls. We came back to you because you were my orthodontist as a child and did great then. Thank you!!

Cindy M.

Second round for me. To all those families or young adults looking at correction- think Dr. Forche. He knows adults. Admit it, we have certain expectations - different than children. I received consulting and advice for what would be best for my busy work life. I was supported and cared for in a unique way making my experience great!

Laura J.

The staff was so friendly and personable, they were wonderful with my daughter! They made sure we understood everything that we were discussing and you can tell they truly want the best for their patients. They even sent a follow-up postcard to my 9 year old (in her name) and she thought that was so cool. We are definitely going to be coming back when it's time for to get braces in a couple of years!

Amy B.

The staff was so friendly and our wait time was much shorter than I anticipated. They explained everything to me in ways I could understand and definitely do not make you feel pressured about anything. They were recommended to me by my friends and I will surely recommend them to others.

Brooke S.

We love Kristal & Forche orthodontics!! Our son's teeth have progressed significantly faster than I ever thought possible. They have a wonderful team of office staff and the environment is always organized, friendly and relaxed. After looking at a couple other ortho groups I'm so glad we found them!!

Brooke S.

We love Kristal & Forche orthodontics!! Our sons teeth have progressed significantly faster then I ever thought possible. They have a wonderful team of office staff and the environment is always organized, friendly and relaxed. After looking at a couple other ortho groups I'm so glad we found them!!

Mary S.

We went to our first consultation appointment and we're so impressed with everything from the office to the staff to how they explain everything so detailed not only to me as a parent but to my child as a patient! My daughter is actually excited to go back to her next appointment!

Pamela C.

Very professional and caring. Very willing to work with you regarding payment plans to make it affordable no matter what your situation. My kids love the hot cocoa that they can make themselves in the Keurig. Highly recommend.

Matt K.

Kristal & Forche really took into consideration my son's autism and his sensitivities. We weren't sure he would be able to endure braces but with their patience, he made it and just got them off! It was a complete success!

Beth A.

We chose Kristal & Forche Orthodontics for all 4 of our children (ages 18-31 now) with our youngest being a patient currently. We continue to be so happy with their work and their patient care. The kids not only love Dr. Kristal, they love the entire staff. They are so accommodating for our very busy schedule and are always friendly. We highly recommend the office of Kristal & Forche Orthodontics.

Annemarie D.

My son Nick has been a part of the K&F family for less than a year, and is getting his Phase 1 braces off next month! Every visit has been timely and we have always left with all of my questions answered.

Hope F.

My son went in for a consultation and the staff was wonderful and made him feel so comfortable. They were able to quickly get him in for his braces helping to reduce his anxiety levels. He walked out of both appointments excited and happy about braces. You don't hear that very often. This practice is a true family practice and you are treated like family.

Natalie R.

The staff is wonderful from being greeted at the desk until they fill out the card for follow-up. They always help put my daughter's worries to rest. I am very thankful for all of their kindness.

Frederick R.

Was supposed to be a 70 minute appointment, but had us out of there in 30 minutes. This was a nice surprise and it allowed my son to get to school on time.

Todd G.

We got to my daughter's appointment very early (it was raining horribly) and thankfully, the ladies were able to work her in! So, instead of having to wait a long time, we were in and out by her actual appointment time! We really appreciate them all and their hard work to make my daughter's smile beautiful!

Michelle C.

I had to put 2 children in braces at the same time and I can't tell you enough of how easy the team of Kristal and Forche was to work with. They took the lead from the beginning and made the experience as easy as it could be. In addition, my daughter, Makenzee had to have surgery and they worked with the office that performed the surgery to take that extra pressure off of my husband and I. My daughter is out of her braces and my son will be soon and I would recommend them to anyone that was looking for an Orthodontic Team. They have always been kind, never made us feel like we were a bother and most of all, my kids always felt comfortable at every visit!

Taylor C.

As a patient, I love Dr. Kristal and Forche! Their staff is always so kind and welcoming, and within a few short months I had beautiful teeth and I am ready to face Senior year with a new smile.

Lydia B.

Awesome team of people. They did an amazing job helping my daughter feel comfortable and understand what's going on. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good family-centered orthodontist.

Kyle P.

We have been very impressed with your office so far! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff plus my son loves all the contests and points for prizes!

Taylor Y.

Great people across the board. Beautiful office, tech savvy, prompt, professional, friendly, can't say enough good things about our experience. Thanks so much for the great service.

Mason G.

Our son, Mason, predominantly saw Dr. Forche on his visits. Drs. Forche and Kristal, and all the assistants exhibited the utmost professionalism and expertise for our son's orthodontic care. I would highly recommend their office to anybody.

Natalie D.

Always a pleasant experience here. We look forward to returning each time to display our progress and find out what our next step is. We are looking forward to completing our first phase soon!!! Thank You!

Grace G.

Dr. Forche was my son's orthodontist through his 2 years of braces, including a 6 month Herbst appliance. The entire process was the most professional business and health transaction we have ever had. The assistants are also fantastic.

Jillian W.

We will soon be starting our second child with orthodontic treatment and I must say this office has always impressed me. Thank you for being so kind and family friendly and for always taking the time to discuss treatments and treatment options.

Mitchell H.

The staff is excellent! We are very pleased with Mitchell's new smile! What we thought would take 2 1/2 years only took 2 years. Mitchell listened to instructions and followed them. We've already referred to the office!

McKenna G.

Everyone there was amazing to my daughter! They made her feel like she was the only one when she was being attended to! Appointments were easy to make and reschedule when needed. Thank you for everything you did!! Her teeth look great!!


I have had such an amazing experience with the staff at Kristal & Forche and with Dr. Forche himself. Very professional and you can tell they love what they do.


It is evident that Kristal and Forche not only provide excellent orthodontic services, they have also paid close attention to their business processes and made it as easy and convenient as possible to work with them.


My son went in for a consultation and the staff was wonderful and made him feel so comfortable. They were able to quickly get him in for his braces helping to reduce his anxiety levels. He walked out of both appointments excited and happy about braces. You don't hear that very often. This practice is a true family practice and you are treated like family.


Always prompt and on time. This is our 3rd child to come through Kristal & Forche. We would not have come back if we didn't have a great experience the first 2 times. Appreciate the attention to detail!


Kristal & Forche Orthodontics has restored my faith in customer service and health care. The staff is so kind and helpful. We even received a phone call at 7pm from the doctor himself the day my son's braces were put on to check on him. That really meant a lot to me and to my family. I would recommend their services to anyone.


Very kind and professional! Everyone made my daughter feel comfortable and relaxed. I was happy with the personable staff and easy way they gave me all I needed to make a decision regarding her care. 

William S.

I appreciate how you worked with my family to ensure my son had excellent orthodontic care. Your practice went above and beyond to work with my ex-husband and me to resolve our differences, which ended up allowing my son to have braces.


I loved that there was a follow up call in the evening to make sure that my daughter was okay.


Dr. Kristal is amazing! He gave me and my daughter a great smile!

Daniel C.

We sent all 3 our kids to you. Great results each time. Thanks!

Sarah J.

They are amazing. They get you in quick and have the nicest staff, do the best work for a good price.

Dollie, age 60

“My son said I needed to see the very best TMJ dentists in Ohio, and I did. Thank you very much for seeing me. The ‘retainer’ has already helped with my ‘stress’ clenching problems. Thanks to you all so much.”

Josh, age 7

“Thank you! Your office really helped me stop sucking my thumb.”

Brian, age 8

I no longer get teased at school because of the space between my front teeth. Thank you for all your help!

Maria, age 36

“I want to thank you so much for allowing me to come in for an emergency appointment regarding my jaw. Your personal attention and encouraging demeanor really meant a lot to me. I cannot thank you and your staff enough. I feel very fortunate that there are doctors in this world like you.”