LEGO Mania

LEGO® Mania with Dr. Forche

When I was a child, I enjoyed building things with LEGO® bricks, Erector sets, and Lincoln Logs. I have good memories of the time I spent working on these types of projects. When I saw my son, Dylan, take an interest in playing with LEGO® bricks, I got pretty excited. As most do, he started small and “worked his way up” to more complicated projects.

kristal-forche-orthodontics-columbus-oh-lego-websiteAt age 8, Dylan asked if he could build the “Tie Fighter”. When we brought it home and unwrapped all of the pieces across the dining room table, we were both excited to “jump right in” and that was the start of what has become our LEGO® building collaboration. Over the next 5 years, we built Millenium Falcon, the Eiffel Tower, AT-AT Walker, the Taj Mahal, Superstar Destroyer Executor, and the Sydney Opera House. We are currently working on the London Tower Bridge.

While working with my patients, I always speak with them about their hobbies, activities, and interests. I found that many share my interest in LEGO® and when I would tell them about the projects my son and I constructed; they would want to see the finished result. That is when the idea came to me to bring the structures we had completed and put them on display in the office. My patients got really excited to see them when they would come for their visits and would share with me what projects they liked to build. While sharing this with my practice manager, she suggested that it would be fun to create a LEGO® contest for our patients to participate in during the summer. Our first contest was the summer of 2012 and each year the enthusiasm for this has grown with an increased number of patients participating and excitement throughout the year about the upcoming contest.

This is a tradition I am really glad I have developed with both my son and my patients. It is a pleasure for me to celebrate their creativity and enthusiasm for something that has been a great part of my life.

Previous Winners

Congratulations to IZZY! She has won a $200 gift card to the LEGO® Store!

Congratulations to KAITLYN! She has won a $200 gift card to the LEGO® Store!

Kaitlyn is a past winner of Rob Forche Orthodontics LEGO contest