What to Expect in Your First Week With Braces

girl smiling in bracesYou’re getting your braces put on for the first time and you’re not sure what to expect. One thing is for sure; your oral hygiene practices will definitely change. To help prepare you for what’s in store and make the most of your orthodontic treatment, we at Rob Forche Orthodontics explain what you can expect from your first week in braces:

Placement Day

On the day your braces are put on, the process should be relatively painless. In the hours following placement, you may notice that it will take you longer than usual to finish meals as you get used to wearing and chewing with braces. Stick to softer foods (like soups, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, shakes, etc.) for the first few days while your teeth and mouth adjust. You may also experience slight discomfort or soreness as the teeth begin to move.Read More

Congratulations to our “90’s Trivia Contest” Winner!

We tasked our patients with tackling a tough quiz about all things 1990s! Those who aced the Gen-X oriented exam were placed in a random drawing for the grand prize – two tickets to see iconic boy band New Kids On The Block at Schottenstein Arena on June 19th.

Our winner is Tracy! Congrats!

Thanks to all our patients who participated in this content. More fun events are coming up quickly as Rob Forche Orthodontics gets ready for summer! Check out our Contest page for more details.

New Kids on the Block Concert Winner Tracy E at Rob Forche Orthodontics in Blacklick and Pickerington OH

Congratulations to Our “Patient Referral Contest” Winners!

We are always gracious and appreciative when our patients refer their friends and family members for treatment with Dr. Forche, and this year our “Patient Referral Contest” was a huge success!

If a patient’s referral was determined to be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment and began their treatment at Rob Forche Orthodontics, the referring patient’s name was entered in a random drawing. Two awesome prizes were in play – tickets to the Buckeye Country Superfest on June 8th at Ohio Stadium, and tickets to Ariana Grande’s July 1st show at the Schottenstein Center!

Congratulations to our two winners – Caden scored the tickets to see Blake Shelton at the Buckeye Country Superfest, while Eli will be headed to the Schottenstein Center for Ariana Grande! Have a blast, boys!

Thanks to all our patients who entered this contest and referred a friend! There’s more fun stuff on the horizon as Rob Forche Orthodontics heads into the summer months. Keep an eye to our Contest page!

Buckeye Country Superfest Winner Caden at Rob Forche Orthodontics in Blacklick and Pickerington OH
Ariana Grande winner Eli H at Rob Forche Orthodontics in Blacklick and Pickerington OH

Do Your Gums Bleed When Flossing?

woman holding side of faceIt’s the start of a new day and you’re going through the motions of your morning routine. As you begin flossing, you notice your gums start to bleed in some areas. Is this normal?

While bleeding gums from flossing does not mean your mouth isn’t clean, it can be a sign that you aren’t flossing enough. According to Colgate, “It’s fairly common for gums to bleed when you first begin flossing between teeth, and as long as the bleeding stops quickly, it’s not usually considered a problem.” In other words, continue to floss daily and the bleeding should stop over time.

Causes of Bleeding Gums

Several factors can cause gums to bleed. To help narrow down why you may be experiencing bleeding gums, consider the following reasons:Read More