Diabetes and Orthodontics: What You Need to Know

man checking his blood sugar on fingerAlthough diabetes has become a fairly common disease in most recent years, it is still very serious and should be managed properly to avoid damaging effects on the body. These damaging effects include threats to your oral that can greatly influence your orthodontic treatment.

Diabetes and Gum Disease

The connection between diabetes and periodontal disease is closer than most people think. Did you know that those with diabetes are two times more likely to develop gum disease? For this reason, it is important for people with diabetes to understand its effects and practice good oral hygiene before, during and after orthodontic treatment.Read More

Is Juicing Bad for Your Teeth?

placing fruit into a blenderAt the start of every new year, most of us begin to reevaluate our waistlines and opt for a healthier lifestyle. With the growing popularity of juicing in recent years, more of our patients have been turning to this diet as a means of increasing their fruit and vegetable intake. While blending veggies, fruits, and other nutrients together can be very beneficial for overall health, do you really know the effects on your oral health?

The Effects of Juicing on the Teeth

When you consume a fruit and vegetable drink, you’re exposing your teeth to the acids that come from these foods as well. Over time, these acids can cause staining and erosion damage to your teeth. Many people notice that their teeth feel sticky or rough after juicing for more than a couple of days. Thankfully, orthodontist Dr. Rob Forche at Rob Forche Orthodontics has a few easy tips to help maintain great oral health while drinking yourself to a better you. Read More

Announcing Our “Refer A Friend” Contest!

This is the part where you break free … and refer a friend to Rob Forche Orthodontics for your chance to win tickets to Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande will be at the Schottenstein Center on Monday, July 1st. This show WILL sell out, but a pair of tickets could be yours if you partake in our “Refer A Friend” Contest. You do not need to be a patient to participate in the referral contest!

How It Works

Refer a friend who you think may benefit from orthodontic treatment for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Forche. If your referral is a candidate for orthodontic treatment and begins their treatment between Friday, February 1st and Friday, June 14th – you’ll be entered into the drawing for the tickets.

Refer Early and Refer Often!

But wait – there’s more. Referring a friend in the next few months earns you multiple entries in the drawing, giving you a greater chance of being “Side to Side” with Ariana live in concert! For more details about this, visit our Referral Page!

You can refer multiple friends! Again, the referral must be a suitable candidate for treatment and begin an orthodontic treatment (braces) with Dr. Forche! Make sure your friend mentions who referred them when they schedule their complimentary consultation.

Remember, to earn an entry into the contest, your referral must begin their orthodontic treatment between February 1st and June 15th.

We’ll only tell you “One Last Time” – refer early and refer often! We’re only drawing one name for a pair of tickets to see Ariana Grande live at the Schottenstein Center on July 1st! Good luck to all who enter. We look forward to seeing your friends’ smiles!