Life After Braces: What You Should Know About Retainers

Retainers Columbus OHIt’s a big day at Kristal and Forche Orthodontics when our patient’s braces are removed. It’s time to celebrate! But first, this is a reminder that braces are a huge investment and your orthodontic care does not end here. After braces are removed, a custom fit device called a retainer reinforces and stabilizes your new smile so your teeth don’t move.

Our Doctors understand that most patients don’t want to wear retainers after orthodontic treatment and it is an annoyance. However, it is the most effective way to stabilize your teeth after treatment and the key to maintaining a healthy smile over the years.Read More

Want To Floss Like A Pro? Here’s How

Using floss is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain good dental health. It is the process of cleaning between your teeth to remove debris and food from areas a toothbrush cannot normally reach and an important part of your daily routine to keep your pearly whites sparkling and healthy.

When wearing braces, it is even more important to floss regularly since food collects and sticks more easily around the brackets and wires. At Kristal and Forche Orthodontics it is critical for our patients to know that when they do not floss, the result is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria that can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth, around the braces, and can cause puffiness and bleeding of gum tissue. Even if you are wearing Invisalign aligners that are removable when eating, it is still important to floss on a daily basis to maintain good oral hygiene.

What is most important is to make sure that you floss correctly and clean your teeth thoroughly. Watch this video on how to floss and the proper care of your teeth while wearing braces.

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Congrats to Food Drive Raffle Winner Sue!

Rob Forche Orthodontics extends a huge congratulations to Sue – the winner of our Canned Food Drive raffle contest. We asked patients to donate cans of food for the local Salvation Army in exchange for raffle tickets.

Sue was the lucky name drawn, and her prize was a $150 Target Gift Card.

Sue has shared with us that she used the gift card to purchase diapers and baby wipes to donate to Canal Winchester Food Pantry for families in need! Way to go, Sue! A huge thanks to everyone who donated canned goods to the Salvation Army for a good cause. It makes us feel great to know our orthodontic patients are truly thoughtful and generous folks!

Sue Donation Robe Forche Orthodontics in Blacklick and Pickerington OH
Sue used her Target gift card to purchase over 1,000 diapers and 2,600 baby wipes, which were donated to Canal Winchester Human Services Food Pantry.


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Sugar…Soda…And Your Teeth

Sugar and teeth Columbus OHPicture your favorite sugary drink. Odds are it’s either carbonated or contains too much sugar. Now picture what your teeth would look like if you only drank that for the next five years. Believe it or not, most of us would have significant tooth decay, stained teeth or, in some cases, gum disease.

Why Sugar is a Threat to Oral Health

Despite the fact that tooth enamel is the hardest tissue the human body produces, it cannot repair itself because it is not a living tissue. When we eat or drink sugary foods, our teeth become victims of injustice. Sugar sticks to our teeth, becoming a feeding ground for bacteria.Read More