Invisalign Smile – A Holiday Gift Idea

Now is the time to start thinking of the perfect gift for your special teen or adult in your life. What better way to express your sentiments and thoughts than to give someone you love the beautiful smile they always wanted. An Invisalign Smile is the perfect Holiday gift! For the majority of people, celebrations, Read More

Celebrate Thanksgiving With Gratitude

What does Thanksgiving mean in your home? Our team here at Kristal and Forche Orthodontics realizes Thanksgiving can hold many meanings to many people. To us however Thanksgiving means being grateful and expressing gratitude for all the wonderful patients and families we have the opportunity and privilege to serve. To most, Thanksgiving means a literal Read More

Can Orthodontics Improve Speech Disorders?

Speech disorders…Did you know that the alignment of your teeth can affect your speech? One of the first things people notice about you is your smile and how we communicate when talking. If you have issues speaking clearly, orthodontics can help! Lisping, whistling or slurring, and mispronunciation of words with “s” and “t” are the Read More

Canned Food Drive – Win a Go Pro Camera!

The time has come for Kristal & Forche Orthodontics’ annual Canned Food Drive. We are excited to once again collect non-perishable food items to be donated to our local Salvation Army Food Bank. Join us in giving back to our community – you could win a Go Pro HERO Session camera! Visit our Contest Page Read More

Halloween Fun Facts

Halloween was also known as All Hallows’ Eve in some circles. It goes as far back as about 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival held around Nov. 1 called Samhain (pronounced “sah-win”), which means “summer’s end” in the Gaelic language. Halloween costumes and the tradition of “dressing up” may go back to a time Read More

Smile – It’s National Orthodontic Health Month

Orthodontic Health Month…You probably are not aware that this even exists. Well it certainly does. October is the designated month to increase peoples’ awareness regarding oral health and beautiful smiles. A beautiful smile can open so many doors in both your social life and business life. The Team at Kristal and Forche Orthodontics wants you Read More

Get A Jump Start On Labor Day

Do you know why we celebrate Labor Day? Labor Day is a federal holiday in the USA and has been since June 28, 1894 when congress passed an act making the first Monday in September a national holiday. The purpose of Labor Day is to honor laborers of all kinds and the “workingman” and now Read More

August 2016 Contest Winners

What a fun Summer we are having at Kristal and Forche Orthodontics! We have been running a number of contests, and it is time to announce our most recent winners. The winner of our Hidden Toothbrushes game is … Braden! He won a pair of tickets to the Drake concert on 8/13. Congratulations Braden! The winner Read More

Orthodontics Has Come a Long Way in 50,000 Years

Like days of old, the aesthetics of teeth thru time has always been the primary concern when it comes to our smiles. However, it was the occlusion (bite) that gave orthodontics its scientific foundation and why it has progressed into the advanced technology available today with traditional metal braces, clear braces, and clear aligners called Invisalign.

Aging Process Can Be Somewhat Reversed

Aging process…can it be reversed? Orthodontics can help children, teens, and adults of all ages look better throughout their lifetime. Adults today are much more aware than in the past of the importance of creating and maintaining a beautiful smile. With longer life expectancy, a healthy, beautiful smile is as important at age 70 as Read More

DIY Orthodontics – Not Worth The Risk

Do It Yourself, DIY Orthodontics, is not worth the risk. In today’s digital world, you can buy almost anything you want on the Internet. This includes finding the do it yourself information that goes along with it. Everyone wants to save money every way they can. However, some people are learning the hard way that Read More

Sun Safety – Be Smart And Avoid The Burn

Now that summertime is upon us, kids are spending more time outside, families are going to more outdoor outings and many are heading out on vacation. Join Kristal and Forche Orthodontics and the EWG (Environmental Working Group) in their efforts, along with dermatologists and sunscreen companies to educate the public when it comes to the Read More

Invisalign – How It Works

Invisalign – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure When it comes to taking care of your teeth and long term dental health, a little knowledge about orthodontics and Invisalign goes a long way. The sooner you take care of orthodontic problems such as crowding, spacing, overjets, underbites, and crossbites… the better Read More

2016 Lego Competition

Join us this year for the 5th annual Annual Kristal and Forche 2016 Lego Competition. This competition runs from June 1st through August 15th.  The winner receives a $200 Gift Certificate to the Lego Store! RULES All creations must be made from scratch and built with an orthodontic theme.  Last year, there were over 25 good entries which Read More

Nellie’s Champions for Kids, Fundraiser Raffle

At Kristal and Forche Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on giving back to our community. With our newest office raffle contest, we are happy to support Nellie’s Champions for Kids ( Nellie’s Champions for Kids helps make life a little easier for kids and teens with cancer. They accomplish this by through Financial Aid, Hospital Support, and Read More