2014 Holiday Raffle For Your Send A Friend Referrals

RaffleHave you heard about our awesome referral program?

How can our referral rewards program benefit you and your family?

Did you know we have a wonderful referral program which may be used by anyone?


Our “Send A Friend” referral program can be used in several ways:

  1. If you/a family member are currently in treatment and have an outstanding treatment balance, use our referral program to help pay off your account
  2. You can use it to earn credits for a family member’s future treatment
  3. If you are done financing orthodontic treatment or not a patient in our practice, our “Send A Friend” program can be used to shop or dine with a gift card to the place of your choice.

Many of you have enjoyed the benefits of our “Send A Friend” referral program and we thank you. When you refer a new patient (one reward per new family) to our office who begins orthodontic treatment (braces) you will receive one of the following prizes…

  1. $100 off your remaining balance
  2. OR $100 credit towards future treatment
  3. OR 1000 referral points if your account is paid in full and you are a member of our Patient Rewards Program
  4. OR $100 gift card if your account is paid in full or you are not a current patient in our practice

For every 5 new patients (one reward per new family) you refer who begin an orthodontic treatment (braces) with our office, you receive an additional

  1. $250.00 off your remaining balance
  2. OR a $250.00 credit towards future treatment
  3. OR a $250.00 gift card (if your account is paid in full/you do not need our services)


Beginning September 1st, 2014, for every person you refer who begins treatment with our office prior to December 15th, 2014, you will receive the reward referenced above, as well as one entry into our drawing for a chance to win a $250 Gift Card to the store of your choice. The winner will be drawn on December 15, 2014, so that you can receive your reward in time to complete your holiday shopping.

You can pick up your Send A Friend forms at either of our office locations or print them directly from our website (www.rforthodontics.com) by visiting our referral program page. A Send A Friend form must be presented by your friend at the time he/she begins treatment with our office. If you are a part of our Patient Rewards Program, you may refer your family and friends by email through the Patient Rewards Progam as well.

Don’t forget to mention to your friends that their initial evaluation with our office is complimentaryWe also have a video tour and video testimonials about our office that you can “v-mail” to friends and family to introduce them to us. 

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